Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea at Bewley’s Grafton Street

Enjoy an Afternoon of Heritage and Craftsmanship

Walk through the storied doors of Bewley’s Grafton Street to an afternoon tea experience that is a feast for the palate and the senses. Celebrating almost a century of in-house baking at the iconic café and our history as Ireland’s first tea importers.

From 1840 to Your Teacup

Our master-blended teas preserve the time-honoured traditions of tea brewing while embracing contemporary flavours, ensuring every cup is a blend of our illustrious past and our passion.

Baked Fresh, Just for You

Indulge in a tower of scrumptious sandwiches, fresh scones, and patisserie works of art from our bakery. This humming haven of creativity, ensures that every bite you take is freshly baked, made from scratch, and steeped in Bewley’s Dublin heritage. 


A Culinary Ballet of Flavours

As you indulge, know that our bakers and chefs work in tandem, harmonizing the bold flavours of our teas with the subtle nuances of our pastries. And for those who seek an added touch of sophistication, our extensive wine list offers pairings that elevate this delightful dance of tastes.

An Ever-evolving Legacy

Every moment at Bewley’s is a whisper of tales from bygone eras and a hint of the stories yet to be written. As the hustle and bustle of Dublin City Centre continue outside, inside, you’re cocooned in an ambiance that’s both timeless and timely. Many claim to offer the best afternoon tea in Dublin, but we present not just a meal, but an experience etched in history.

 Join us in this intimate communion of history, art, and culinary excellence. Afternoon tea at Bewley’s Grafton Street is not just a meal, it’s a cherished memory for years to come. For a rendezvous with history, flavour, and unparalleled craftsmanship, our dedicated team is at your service, ready to curate an afternoon tea experience that will linger in your memories. Reserve your Bewley’s Afternoon Tea experience today!