The Legacy of Bewley’s Grafton Street Café

For nearly a century, Bewley’s Grafton Street has been more than just a café; it’s been part of Dublin’s beating heart and vibrant heritage. Nestled in the heart of Dublin city centre, this landmark has been part of Ireland’s history, art and literature. From whispered confessions over aromatic brews to jubilant celebrations, each moment adds a unique stitch to our storied fabric.

Our journey began in 1835, when Charles Bewley brought Ireland’s first direct tea imports from China. This trailblazing spirit laid the foundation for a legacy that blends adventure and the pursuit of excellence.

Fast forward to 1927, and the pioneering Ernest Bewley opened his iconic café on Grafton Street, the city’s premier shopping thoroughfare. An architectural masterpiece, the café quickly became a cultural hub as literary legends, from James Joyce to Samuel Beckett and W.B. Yeats, found inspiration amidst our walls which have continued to reverberate with laughter, debate, and endless stories.

Bewley’s isn’t just part of Dublin’s heritage; it is an embodiment of Dublin’s artistic soul, a place where every detail tells a story. The luminous stained glass artworks by Harry Clarke, Pauline Bewick and Jim Fitzpatrick are a testament to the Campbell family’s, who took over the business in the 1980s, commitment to the visual arts, while the second-floor theatre is Ireland’s foremost venue for Lunchtime Theatre with an international reputation.

From the early days, when fresh scones baked by Ernest Bewley’s wife became the talk of the town, to our contemporary offering, we’ve consistently raised the culinary bar. Whether it’s a luxurious afternoon tea or the best breakfast in the city centre, we continue to echo Ernest Bewley’s sentiment, “I want the best, and even that is not good enough!”

Today, Bewley’s Grafton Street stands as a beacon of resilience, passion, and legacy. While Dublin city centre has changed around us, inside, the spirit of Bewley’s shines as brightly as ever. Every cup of coffee, every bite, and every moment we share with our guests is an ode to our legacy and to the beautiful city we call home.

So, if you’re spending the day in our fair city we hope you’ll put Bewley’s Grafton Street on your itinerary.